Custom Embroidery

What is Embroidery?

In basic terms embroidery is the method for decorating fabrics using a needle and thread. These days the needles and threads are controlled by computers and machines. This means that we can easily recreate your image or text in embroidered form, either in bulk or small quantities, for a fast turnaround.


Embroidery can really make your design sing. The vibrant colours and variety of stitching can breathe new life into your design like you have never seen before, and truly turn it into a piece of art.

There are many ways to stitch the thread, from cross stitch to satin stitch and tatami stitch and many more. Our expert embroiderers will decide which aspects of your design require which methods to create the highest quality finish.


Embroidery is embedded within the garments own stitching, rather than sitting on the fabric in some way like a print. So as well as it’s aesthetic qualities, it can truly take a beating, which makes it a favourite in the workwear industry. If you go with embroidery, your polo shirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies will last for years to come.

Go for embroidery if you want the best quality, longest lasting finish to your design